Introducing POV 2.0 - When Price, Oscillator and Volume Align, GO WITH THE FLOW! 03/26/2015

Mike Bridges

Mike is a graduate of UCLA and Southwestern University School of Law. He is a California attorney specializing in personal financial planning, and is recently retired as a Financial Advisor for Zurich-based UBS, the world's largest private bank and wealth management firm.

Mike's favorite trading vehicle is Forex, but he is also skilled at trading and teaching stocks, commodities, index futures, ETFs and options of all kinds. While Mike's course is perfect for beginners, it is also an excellent refresher for more experienced traders.
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Risk Disclosure: There is a risk of loss in trading. Whether it is commodities, stocks and/or options, only risk capital should be used when trading in the markets. Pacific Trading Academy is not a brokerage firm. What we teach our students in the program are not trading recommendations. Our instruction is for educational purposes only.